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Bat-A-Bout Flicker Firefly Assorted

  • Flashing LED ball lights up for batting fun day or night
  • Reflective felt wings encourage natural hunting skills.

Better Buzz Cigar

  • Loaded with potent KONG Premium North American Catnip
  • Durable exterior with playful, engaging design
  • Length and round shape encourage chase and capture fun
  • Great for interactive or solo play

Cat Active Cork Ball

  • Catnip and feathers encourage play
  • Fulfills natural instincts

Cat Active Eight Track

  • Fluffy tail entices pouncing and kicking fun
  • Feathers on plume tower invite batting and pouncing
  • Unique eight track shape for on-going independent play
  • Premium KONG North American catnip-packed tail for long-lasting enjoyment

Cat Active Moppy Ball

  • Lightweight toy ideal for batting; invites active play
  • Rattle sound keeps kitties intrigued for extended play
  • Soft and cuddly for snuggling

Cat Active Tennis Balls w/Bells

  • Interior bell creates enticing sound
  • Nonabrasive felt won't harm teeth
  • Encourages active play

Cat Active Wild Tails

  1. Plush ball with feather tail
  2. Rattle sound stimulates play
  3. Assorted patterns

Cat Pillows Critter

  • Versatile toy for play and cuddle time
  • Crinkle sound and catnip entice play
  • Soft corduroy and feathers for snuggling

Cat Treat Dispensing Ball

  • Fun and unpredictable movement
  • Promotes healthy exercis

Cat Yarnimals

  • Roly-poly shape for batting fun
  • Reinforced yarn extends cuddle time
  • Rattle entices active play sessions

Connects™ Benderz Dragonfly

  • Bends and twists to attach to nearly anything
  • 3 enticing catnip characters
  • Ideal for independent play

Curlz Teaser

  • Sturdy corkscrew construction for extended exercise
  • Boa feathers and ribbons for added engagement